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infinitas has a strong focus on residential real estate investments. We are acquiring high-quality residential assets in urban areas with unlocked values.

We back the most ambitious founders pursuing the most disruptive ideas and provide them with more than just capital. Our entrepreneurial approach is hands-on and we open doors as the companies progress and hit certain milestones. We have created an ecosystem of investors, founders, and scientists. This enables us to connect the brightest minds across our portfolio and create substantial value.
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    Selective early-stage investments

    We selectively invest in early-stage start-ups and its founders.
  • 02

    Residential real estate investments in swiss metropolitan areas

    Sodor Real Estate Group AG is vertically integrated residential real estate platform, that invests in affordable residential housing.
  • 03

    High-yielding residential real estate investments in resilient Swiss B-Locations

    Stealth mode real estate company.
  • 04

    Value creation in real estate projects

    Falkenroth realizes real estate projects within the Swiss market with a focus in metropolitan areas as well as the outskirts of themselves and the Swiss Alps.